Best Budget Gaming Keyboard Under 100 dollars

A gaming keyboard that will improve your performance and make gaming more enjoyable should not cost more than $ 100. In less than 36 years, we tested a lot of options and found that they all performed really well for the money – surprisingly, it was the cheapest. While not recommending whether you’re working from home or spending more time on PC gaming a few months ago, a new game-friendly keyboard could make a big difference.Best Budget Gaming Keyboard Under $100 in 2021

Like choosing a new gaming mouse, getting the right gaming keyboard has a lot to do with personal preference – from ergonomic design (hello, wrist comfort), whether you choose RGB lighting, mechanical keys, touch feedback, programmable keys, dedicated media. Keys or many other features that we can’t even begin to list. And to help narrow down your keyboard design preferences, contact our keyboard glossary

Which Keyboard Size Is Best For You?

Before you get lost in the sheer number of keyboard options, it is important to know what size board you are interested in. The three main options include a ‘full-size keyboard’, including a number pad, ‘tenless’. Keyboard ‘which does not include the number pad, and’ 60% keyboard ‘which removes both the number pad and the function key, and sometimes even more.

All three designs certainly have advantages and disadvantages and it comes down to your personal choice and activities, which are being done outside of gaming for your PC.

best Budget gaming keyboard under 100 dollars

1.Razer Cynosa V2 Gaming Keyboard | BUY ON AMAZON


best Budget gaming keyboard under 100 dollars


If you are most comfortable doing your office work on a membrane keyboard, then Cynosa may be the gaming keyboard for you. It is a webbed keyboard, not mechanical, so the keys are quiet and definitely feel softer than the ones here and some may find them messy. Still, if you want to use the keyboard for both work and sports, this is a good compromise for the price of $ 60.

Many features of the original Cynosa run including a per-key RGB light – a rarity at this end of the market – and a durable spill-resistant design. What’s New A set of media keys has been added in the upper right corner. Razor also added cable routing under the keyboard so you can keep your desk a little tidier.

It is one of the most programmed keyboards here. There are a lot of preset lighting effects to choose from and you can create your own using the Synapse 3.0 software. There is also a razor hypershift feature that lets you set up a secondary set of functions for keys that are accessed with the “key” key. You can also flip keys and set up macros with software.

2.Aukey KM-G14 TKL mechanical gaming keyboard | BUY ON AMAZON


best Budget gaming keyboard under 100 dollars


At less than $ 35, the G14 is one of the cheapest mechanical gaming keyboards available and Aukey has stepped up its game with build quality and software without a price increase.

This TKL keyboard is chunky but still saves desk space because it does not have a number pad;

Although the case is all plastic, it has a metal frame. Combined with the nonslip pad on the bottom, this keyboard will not move around during your gaming.

In addition, there are two sets of flip-out feet that give you three typing angles to choose from – something you don’t always find on a pricier keyboard. And when its USB cable is attached to the body, Aukey added routing to the bottom so you can send the cable to the left, right, or center.

The company’s blue click switches are good for both typing and gaming with a typing bump that you can feel and hear. These switches make a loud click near them, something to keep in mind if you share a workspace). Also, unlike the slimmer full-size G12 keyboard, there is no ping from the switch springs, so all you really hear is their click. There is some key wavering, but it is relatively small and overall it has a solid typing experience.

Fun legends are difficult to read with the backlight off. However, with 18 preprogrammed lighting options to choose from and four brightness settings, there is little reason for the lights to turn off completely while you are working. You can always replace keycaps, and Aukey also includes a puller. Software for keyboards can be used to create your per-key RGB lighting system, set key macros or change key assignments and save multiple profiles. If you are just getting into a mechanical keyboard for work or play then the G14 is a great place to be.

3.Aukey KM-G12 gaming keyboard | BUY ON AMAZON


best Budget gaming keyboard under 100 dollars


The G12 is a fully programmable mechanical keyboard, although it is not as polished as the Razor when it is setup. There are seven color presets and 12 lighting-configuration presets that can be switched without any software. You can also use the company’s G-Purpose software to control lighting as well as set up macros or change key functions. The light can also be coordinated between other G-target-supported devices such as the KM-P6 RGB mousepad, which is paired with the RGB band of this keyboard around the base.

The only real potential turn-off, which is different from its metal top and plastic bottom, is the Outmu Blue Switch. I like them for both typing and gaming, but they are attractive and fast and make a buzzing spring sound within the body – not great if you have to share office space. Given that it is under $ 60 and can be paired with the company’s Ultralight GM-F3 mouse and RGB mousepad for under $ 100, the G12 is a bargain.best Budget gaming keyboard under 100 dollars

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