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Best Full Body massage chair in India 2022

Best Full Body massage chair in India
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Searching for the Best Full Body massage chair in India for home and office?

Massage chairs are chairs that provide relaxation to the body and release muscular tension and strain. They come in various shapes and sizes and of different price ranges. They can be differentiated based on their work efficiency, massage tracks, features, etc. The types are, namely, Ottoman type, zero gravity, recliner, full-body, etc. In this world of tiring and hectic schedules where every human runs to get that extra penny, there is extra strain on a workaholic person’s mind and body.

Manufacturers are striving their best to provide better services for the end-users. They take utmost care to include exceptional and worthy features like Bluetooth connectivity, heating equipment, etc. From teenagers who work overtime to support their family, sportspersons and even elderly people can also use the massage chairs. These chairs can be used to relieve that in both home and office scenarios. Below are mentioned several options of massage chairs.

1) Robotouch Urban Full Body Massage Chair



This massage chair is available in two colors in black and red. A person may also name this product when he or she means to refer to the best massage chair in India. It includes kneading, flapping, shiatsu, and knocking motions to relax the user’s stressed muscles.

Product Features:

2) Body friend 4D Multiple Airbags Massage Chair



Priced at a comparatively less cost than the succeeding two products, this chair is one of the best massage chairs in India. It may as well be called the best massage chair in India too. Its cost-effectiveness, easy navigations, and easy installation process make it a better option than the rest.

Product Features:

3) HCI eRelaxic a Japanese Therapeutic Zero Gravity Massage Chair



With a higher price than the already discussed products, it also has added better-shaped airbags, better power efficiency, etc. The relaxing zero gravity and roller features of this chair make it the best massage chair in India. With dedicated airbags for the whole body and peculiar shaping for better orientation, relaxation comes easily.

Product Features:

Buying Guide for the Best Massage Chairs in India

A customer can easily get blown away by the options they can get in the field of massage chairs available in India. The prices too come in various shapes and sizes, which can be chosen as per the customer’s size of the wallet. Below are some points to ponder over before attempting to buy a massage chair for them.

1) 2D, 3D, and 4D Types

2D massage chairs provide relaxation and massaging to the surface muscles and tissues, and such type of relaxation is not that long-lasting as might prefer to be. 3D massaging can help to get a little better than the 2D massage type, where it provides massage to the underlying muscles and helps relax the strain on those muscles. 4D massing is by far the best type of massaging that can release stress deep-seated in deeper tissues that can be reached by a 3D massage chair. Thus, if possible, a buyer must prefer the 4D type of massaging chair.

2) S & L tracks

The terminology is based on the style of the track that is crafted in the chair. S is the by default and older design of massage tracks that may be preferable for buyers looking for cheaper options and can manage lower performance. While L track can pay better-focused massage to the gluts and hamstrings for faster and improved relaxation of the end-user.

3) Calf massagers

These are equipped with foot massagers have come to be one of the coveted features nowadays in massage chairs. The treatment is scientifically beneficial, and spiritual science provides for relaxation via foot massage because the chakras located in the foot are related to all others and impact them in the same way. Thus a good foot massage may be able to release a great deal of body pain.

4) Heat

The heat has been scientifically proven to have increased the speed of reactions up to ten folds. The reaction may also be a biochemical reaction. Thus, a feature of heat via carbon fiber materials will make your natural healing procedure faster and thus should be preferred.

5) Airbag massaging

It is the type of massaging type where air pressure is used to relieve stress on the muscles and be regulated. It also helps in increasing circulation to the said body parts.

6) Bluetooth

Bluetooth syncing with androids or tables is the latest feature in massage chairs where the user can listen to the music of their choice while getting a relaxing massage. Music therapy has been proven to work wonders where medicine is unable to set foot.

7) Body scanning

The body scanning procedure is one of the best technologies found in a massage chair, where it aims to customize the shape of the chair (up to an extent) and the massaging procedure for the user’s better experience and best performance of the product.

Types of Best Massage Chairs in India

1) Zero gravity massage chairs

This feature has been introduced by none other than NASA. It is the position where the body’s position is reclined enough to raise the legs above the heart level of the person. This helps in releasing stress and strain that might be caused by gravity’s effect on some of the tissues and muscles, tendons, ligaments, etc., weighing all of them on the massage chair itself. But it isn’t always possible for zero gravity massage chairs to reach portions of the lower back that are the main region of pain in hardworking persons.

The various options in zero gravity massage chairs are: – 

2) Recliner massage chairs

Recliner chairs are the ones that provide for an inclination in positioning the body of the user and help in a relaxing posture.
Whereas using this type of chair for a longer duration in everyday life may cause postural problems and spinal injuries in later stages.

3) Full body massage

Full body massage is when the massage chair focuses on tending to the head, neck, legs especially and overall, to all parts of the body for better relaxation. These massage chairs are better than the rest lot but can be addicting, costlier, and time-consuming.

The various options in full body massage chairs are: – 


4) Ottoman massage chairs

Ottoman massage chairs are those which provide separate resting structures for taller people. These are handy for the said people, whereas they may be a bit costlier and inconvenient for the other people in the household. Due to their foldable nature, they are space-saving.

Advantages of Best Massage Chairs in India

Massage chairs are more of a necessity than a luxury in today’s world. The best type of massage chairs and their frequently asked questions have been noted above with great care and clarity. Massage chairs are chairs with facilities of massage to the user’s body where the user needs just to sit as is done in the manual type of massages. Several types of massage chairs have also been mentioned above, and the customer needs to themselves while attempting to purchase one. Features and facilities like zero gravity, cal massaging, foot roller, full-body massaging, L tracks, and Bluetooth connectivity have been deemed the most preferred massage chairs’ preferred features. Below are the advantages of massaging chairs in general.

1) The massage chairs are good for health and are a good option for furniture in the same decision. It is not less than killing two birds with one stone.
2) With their easy storage and installation, these chairs are the crux of portable relaxation.
3) The performance may vary from product to product, but the user’s best experience is the result. A satisfying massage session is a long-deserved gain at the end of a tiring day.
4) It also aims to rectify postures in order of their massage tracks and neck rests.
5) It helps in elevating circulation in the body of the end-user.

Frequently asked questions regarding massage chairs in India

Are massage chairs harmful?

In general, the answer is no as the chairs are tailored keeping in view the betterment of the end-users. But spending a too long time on the recliners may call for postural harm or spinal injuries.

What is shiatsu?

Shiatsu is a massaging technique where finger pressure is applied and is similar to acupressure. It relates to the Chi theory of life energy. If pain is felt it means that there is an energy channel blocked and shiatsu aims to release the blockage and thus the pain.

Are massage chairs really worth the price?

The cost of the massage chairs may be high but is in accordance with the relaxation and satisfaction of the end-user. It releases the pain and enables the user to start afresh.

What is the kneading type of massage?

Kneading the muscles involves putting force on them and stretching them alternatively to release the stress in them and improve circulation.

What can be the disadvantages of recliners?

Postural harms, spinal injuries, etc can be counted ted as the disadvantages of reclining types of massage chairs.


Thus, it may be concluded finally that the above-stated options in the Best Full Body massage chair in India are the top performers in affordable range and easy buying options and preferability. Thus, different products listed above vary slightly in features, but the ultimate satisfaction to the end-user is more or less the same.

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