Best Gaming Keyboard Mechanical 2021 USA

  • The #1 Best-Selling Gaming Peripherals Manufacturer in the US
  • High-Performance Mecha-Membrane Switches
  • Ultimate Personalization & Gaming Immersion with Razer Chroma
  • Fully Programmable Macro Support
  • Made of soft-touch leatherette to maximize
  • comfort over extended gaming sessions
  • Built-in Physical Media Keys and Digital Dial:
  • Fully configurable for pause, play, volume, and even brightness adjustment
  • Durable Construction: Supports up to 80 million clicks, backed by a 2-year warranty



Best Gaming Keyboard Mechanical 2021 USA

The razor 2017 Ornata Croma created a stunning carving among gaming keyboard players, combining elements of membrane and mechanical keys, inspired by its midrange price tag and unique “mecha-membran” kiwits. The Ornata V2 sequel features a relatively prominent quality of life advanced media key, including a $ 99.99 keyboard with some minor turns and a digital volume roller.

While these changes help make Ornata feel modern and competitive, they add a refresher rather than a true successor – one that doesn’t compensate for the fact that Ornata V2 is unique between offering quality and price that balance does not do. Croma introduced it.

Ornata media

The Ornata V2 exists as a vessel for its key, Razer’s hybrid switches that combine elements from mechanical and soft membrane switches. The goal, generally, is to mimic the sound and feel of a mechanical key when using membrane-style activation, which is cheaper to produce. The razor’s mecha-membrane keys specifically use a mechanical switch to suppress the rubber dome, which activates the input.

Razor ornata v2 left angle

The Ornata V2 has a hybrid keyboard similar to the Meha-membrane keys razor. They take a satisfying click and when you lower the membrane keys, you usually have to remove everything you find. At the same time, they don’t feel like mechanical keys: the merit-membrane switch actively bounces back against your fingertips, creating a sense of reaction that some people love, as you type,

but others Definitely won’t. In 2020, it gives the Ornata V2 an acquired taste. There are more hybrid mechanical keyboards than in 2017, and some of them, such as the SteelSeries Apex 5, more accurately emulate the sensation of typing on a mechanical key than the Ornata series.

The primary upgrade to the Ornata V2 is a set of dedicated media keys in the top right corner of the board, including a small digital volume roller. While many companies try to enhance their media controls by using buttons instead of keys, Ornata is surprisingly work-ahead. Media controls are literal keys, like any other input on the board, meaning they can be remapped. The star, however, is the volume roller,

which carries much more functionality than the mouse’s scroll wheel. The roller is clickable, which works as a mute button by default. In addition, all three rollers are input- scroll up, scroll down and clickable. While this is not completely unheard of, it is not a standard operating procedure. More customization is almost always a good thing, though, and it makes the controls a more novel upgrade.

Razor Orenata V2 Media Keys & Roller

In addition to the media key, the keyboard has undergone several minor improvements. LED indicators for held keys like cap lock and game mode have moved into the space between the web navigation key and the cursor arrow. The cable inset cable guide now always moves to the back of the keyboard, rather than actually pushing the cable to the left or right. (This is a nice change if you, like me, use desk space directly to the left and right of your keyboard.) Where Ornata Croma had a 10-key rollover, Ornata V2 has an N-key rollover.

As an added bonus, some of these changes, specifically controlling media and moving LED indicators, make the Ornata V2 layout lighter and better than Chrome. There is very little unused space on the top case, and the RGB light has a good symmetry, which now extends all the way to the back row.

Razor ornata v2 wrist rest

Appearance can be a hoax, however, everything else on the Ornata V2 is similar to its predecessor. It has only one major design. The detachable wrist rest, which is magnetically attached near the board, is still well padded and coated with leather. More than any personal resemblance, however, using the keyboard feels similar to using the Ornata Chroma. This is not a bad thing.

A Hybrid Synapse, Like Any Other

Like all Razor peripherals, Ornata V2 supports the company’s configuration software Synapse. Synapse is one of the best, most robust configuration programs for keyboards – you can program and save macros, remap keys, and customize the keyboard’s RGB lighting.

Razor ornata v2 software

There is little to say about Ornata V2’s specific Synapse support. As we mentioned earlier, the biggest trigger is the fact that all media controls and volume rollers are repairable just like the rest of the keyboard. The process of customizing them is as simple as changing another key.

It is worth pointing out that V2 does not feature onboard memory, so if you want to bring them to a new device, you will have to manually export and transfer your profile. It is not out of place for the midrange keyboard, but many of our favorites in this price range, such as the Apex 5 and Hyperx Alloy Origins, have onboard memory.

A keyboard of time

Each change for Ornata V2 is an improvement over the Ornata Chroma, but I don’t think the changes are enough to maintain the product’s status for players upgrading their gaming keyboards, but they aren’t ready to invest in mechanical keys. for. The Ornata V2 is still a very good keyboard, but the world around it has changed.

Razor Orenata V2 turns the rest upside down

The $ 99.99 ballpark at Razor Board’s baseline price of a no-frills mechanical keyboard has fallen; These boards lack media control and may lack razor product polish, but if you can afford an Ornata V2, you can afford a true mechanical key. This does not mean that you should automatically dismiss V2, but it is one of many great options in this price range.

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