Best Stoga Mechanical Gaming Keyboard 2021

  • Our rainbow backlit mechanical gaming keyboard
  • offers 14 different backlight modes with no glare or fading.
  • Switch to your favorite colors – perfect for any gaming setup!
  • Stoga’s mechanical gaming keyboard allows you to customize keys
  • with different color LEDs. Our keyboard’s modern eye-catching design
  • elements surpass our competition and elevate you to the next level.
  • Durability & Double-Injection Key Caps |
  • The keyboard panel features an all-metallic construction
  • making it durable and professional grade.
  • They keys use a two-color injection molded backlit key cap
  • which is shock proof and wear resistant.
  • The colors won’t fade away even after long-term use.



Best Stoga Mechanical Gaming Keyboard 2021 USA

In recent years, with the flood of hardware in Southeast Asia, budget mechanical keyboards have grown to more than a dozen. The likes of Marvo, Armageddon and the more popular RedRagans come with the big brands offering the opportunity to experience mechanical keys without paying a premium price. The STOGA mechanical gaming keyboard comes from an obscure brand that somehow manages to catch the eye of many serious gamers.

In this STOGA Mechanical Gaming Keyboard review, we will find out how nice this little boy is to rent compared to the big boys and that there is really no cut than other cheaper brands.

What is a STOGA mechanical gaming keyboard?

Ask any gamer about STOGA hardware and chances are you’re sound clunky. Heck, I had a hard time finding any traces anywhere on the internet.

In addition to the mechanical gaming keyboard in their list, they mainly produce controllers for PC, PlayStation 4 and Nintendo Switch. So imagine my surprise when this seemingly unexpected keyboard is ranked in the top budget gaming keyboard list of many gaming releases.

STOGA Mechanical Gaming Keyboard offers quality mechanical switches that can rival the satisfying clicks of the favorite Cherry MX Blues. This ten-keyless keyboard comes with some solid RGB options to add serious gamer flares to your build.

Although its name suggests that STOG has designed it with gaming in mind, its practical design and space-saving size also make it suitable for office fee work. Just don’t forget to dial the light show.

STOGA mechanical gaming keyboard features

STOGA has created a full-size, small-scale, ten-hand gaming keyboard with high-grade mechanical key switches that has no problem turning heads with some of its premier and more well-known competitors. Incorporating anti-ghosting techniques leads to incorrectly typed characters and unwanted actions in the game.

It comes with slightly customizable predefined RGB lights and 14 backlight modes, making gaming aesthetically convenient for you.It does not include any type of software, which is a bit dull when you create your presets and tweak the lighting. Again, this is a $ 40 mechanical keyboard, so don’t give it more.

The STOGA keyboard comes with media controls, although it has optional functions for the F1 – F8 keys. It plays a USB 2.0 connection which is very standard for most devices.

What is it like to use it?

For fans of the agile click of a mechanical switch, the STOGA keyboard is exceptionally satisfactory to use and feels better than its economic cost. Despite its short size, it is surprisingly weighty, preventing the most casual slippage during intense gaming sessions.

Its compact design makes it easy to save space and carry around, so a frequent travel gambling laptop is a good keyboard to use. Dedicated media keys don’t add sensibly, but the optional controls of the F1 – F8 keys still work fine. Its RGB Lite should be enough to satisfy novice gaming enthusiasts but experienced builders will be disappointed by its lack.

Final thoughts

I will not lie. Coming up, my expectations for the STOGA mechanical gaming keyboard were significantly lower due to its unfamiliar brand. After understanding the weight of the keyboard and testing its mechanical switch,

I have no shame in admitting that my guesses were wrong. Key clicks were surprisingly satisfying, as you’d expect from a budget keyboard, and with its robust build it looks like it could be the gaming of previous years.

RBB lighting is fine for starter builders, but experienced gamers will probably want a little more, and the look of the keyboard will be somewhat clearer. All things considered, the STOGA Mechanical Gaming Keyboard is a great entry-level peripheral for novice PC builders and those looking to save a buck or two.

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