The Complete Cat Pokemon Names List

If you’re a fan of the Cat Pokémon and love Pokémon, don’t fear. This blog stores all the information on which Cat Pokémon are in each generation alongside how they fit into different types, who they are most helpful against, and whether they can learn any additional moves.

The Complete Cat Pokemon Names List

All info on effectiveness and competitive use is based on the source Smogon Tier List, a popular rules & ranking system used in unofficial competitive Pokémon battles.

30 Cat Pokemon Names List

1. Meowth 

The Complete Cat Pokemon Names List

Meowth was arguably one of the most famous cats in Pokemon. It not only looks like a cat with its big ears, big eyes, whiskers, and retractable claws, but Meowth also acts like a cat. It is fast, more active at night, and likes to sleep during the day- just like your average domestic cat! Not only that, but Meowth also loves playing with round, shiny items.

Meowth is a Pokemon known for its sharp claws. Meowth will tear things apart with ease, such as its enemies. It also belongs in the “Team Rocket” trio and is part of the so-called “cat’s group”.

2. Persian 

The Complete Cat Pokemon Names List

Persian. Meowth evolves into Persian, which is the “Classy Cat Pokemon”. Resembling a Siamese cat, it is sleeker and more elegant than Meowth. Persian can learn many moves and has a vicious temperament. This fickle creature will scratch things up for no real reason, which might sound familiar to some cat owners!

3. Espeon 

The Complete Cat Pokemon Names List

Espeon, a cat Pokemon that evolves from Eevee, is known for its psychic abilities that develop when the bond with its trainer has developed. However, unlike other Pokemans, this one is loyal to their trainer to looks proud, mysterious, and elegant.

4. Umbreon

The Complete Cat Pokemon Names List

Umbreon is an evolution of Eevee; an elegant, high-defense black cat that looks almost like a mix between a cat, fox, and rabbit. Umbreon is known as the “Moonlight Pokemon.”


Skitty is known as the “Kitten Pokémon”. This Kitten Pokemon is super cute, with a pink coat, pointy ears, and an open face. Skitty charms others with its Cute Charm ability. It’s no surprise Skitty has captured so many fans – it’s one of the cutest cat Pokémon around! Along with being adorable and loveable, there are other intriguing details about this little fellow skittish Pokemon.


Delcatty is the evolution of Skitty and is known as the ‘Prim’ Pokemon. Delcatty appears feminine with a cute lovable appearance that is both feminine and lovable.

The Delcatty is surprisingly agile, given its cumbersome appearance. The cat’s favorite pass-time, while it yawns away contentedly, is to play with a dangling string on one end and roll the other up in its claws, letting go only at the last moment.

This Pokemon has a purple collar (this looks like a neck pillow), pointed whiskers, a purple tail and large purple ears.


Do you have a cat-shaped Pokemon? Take a look at Glameow. This playful, glamorous Pokemon has white-tipped ears and a white patch on its face with grey fur and four whiskers. It resembles the Siamese cat with a long, curled tail and can be entered into Little Cup competitions.

This pokemon is known as the “Catty Pokemon” due to its demanding nature that can become spiteful if not fed properly. Glameow requires proper feeding or else it will struggle to maintain its temperamental disposition, otherwise remaining calm and collective.


Purugly is a cat Pokemon that only vaguely resembles its evolution, Glameow. Purugly evolves from Glameow and the two look quite different as the Pokemon changes from a “glam” cat to an “ugly” one. Purugly is a large cat that uses its fat to resist damage from fire and ice. It is a pokemon rarely used in competitive play.

After a few too many treats, this cat is now acting out. A Purugly can also be powerful and will act unpredictably if angered.


Purrloin is a cunning Pokemon able to walk on two legs or on all four making it one of the few bipeds in the game. The Purrloin has striking purple fur and kind, caring eyes. It is loved by many but known as the “Devious Pokemon” due to its clever behavior.

The downside to a Purrloin is how much time and training it takes for it to become useful in competition. However, the vibrant colors help make it stand out from other Pokemon, making it more popular. It has


Espurr, spelled with an e instead of u is known as the “Restraint Pokémon.” These are cats that walk around on their two hind legs and use psychic powers to attempt to look out at the world they live in. Espurr has wide eyes and a mysterious stare, which is, if we’re honest, kind of creepy.

This Pokemon brings a lot of psychic power to the table and qualifies for Little Cup contests too. With the exception of juts under one meter tall, Joltik can usually avoid punishment from much larger opponents.


Espurr is now called Meowstic. It has large ears and a big tail. Although it’s cute, it has strong physic powers as well as the ability to prioritize attacks.

The Constraint Pokemon, Meowstic has different appearances based on whether it’s male or female. The female Meowstic resides mostly white with yellow-orange eyes and a strong competitive ability while the male Meowstic is predominantly navy blue with turquoise eyes and a prominent defensive capability.


When it is dismissed, it does not seem to miss the interaction and returns to whatever it was doing before for more undivided time.

The Among-type Pokemon is known for its large eyes, pointed ears, and cute appearance. This makes it a friendly type of Charizard for all of your online conversations.


If your Litten evolves into a Torracat, you’ll have a large, fighting cat on your hands. Torracats enjoy matches and are even able to spit fire, but try and avoid angering one for their scratches may getcha. They’ve still got some spunk left in ’em though, which is always great in life-or-death battles.

Torracat can keep the red and black coat of the Litten, with yellow eyes and a distinctive bell-like stripe on its neck.


Raikou is the “Thunder Pokemon”. This mythical beast is often less trustworthy, so it might not make a good permanent pet. Raikou resembles a saber-toothed tiger and has thick black fur plus sharp fangs.

In spite of its unusual features, Raikou is actually a mix of three animals – and strikingly similar to the three animals.


Shinx is a third-gen Pokemon from the games Imagens do Copypasta. To us, Shinx might seem like a furry kitten with large ears and big eyes. Upon catching its evolved form Raichu, Shinx may vary in appearance due to some slight changes

This Pikachu knockoff behaves like a scaredy-cat and is easily spooked. It uses fast attacks to escape when feeling threatened.

Here are some of my favorite Pokemon. I like Koffing because it looks like an optimist and I like Jigglypuff because it has a puffball on its head.


Since Shinx is no longer small, it evolved into the great Luxio. This pokemon has begun to grow its formidable mane.

Luxio is, as the name states, a “spark Pokemon” meaning it uses electric volts to fight. This can sometimes make it intimidating for people, though Luxio often accidentally faints trainers with its intensity.


Luxray is the third evolution of Luxio, which first appeared in Pokémon Diamond and Pearl. As shown in Pokémon Black and White, Luxray has a slender build. In order to obtain this Pokémon only requiring two stones, you must travel with Cobalion, Terrakion, and Virizion in Pokémon White or Black.

Shinx is a lion cub, Luxray is fully grown. A Shinx and Luxray are not just animals that must be registered in order to battle.


Liepard evolves from Purrloin, the “Cruel Pokemon”. Purrdepending on level, Liepard starts as normal or dark type. It resembles a leopard or cheetah with fierce yellow eyes.

One of the more popular Pokemons that cat owners may see is Liepard. This Pokemon is sassy, devious, and ready for battle.


A lion cub pokemon, Litleo has big round ears and a Mohican. Making it easy to distinguish from other similar-looking characters, Litleo is playful and curious.

A little’s gender may affect the evolutionary processes it goes through.


Pyroar is a big cat that can breathe fire. In Royal Families, it is viewed as the Royal Pokemon. Pyroar is more powerful than other cats and packs a strong punch.

One major difference between the male Pyroar and female Pyroar is the male’s white-colored fur.


Incineroar is the final stage for Litten in the “Heel Pokemon” family. Incineroar looks like a pro wrestler and is typically described as tough and fiery, with the strength to last long into battles.

Incineroar, while sometimes inconsiderate and disobedient, still has a bond with its trainer. It may not look as cat-like as other Pokemon but with its tiger-like markings, big claws, pointy ears, long tail, and kicking techniques just like that of a cat—there is no “coincidence” this Pokémon can kick butt.


The trend Eevee, the Super Sentai of Pokemon, is hard to miss and we’re excited to finally share our list of the best catlike Eeveelues. This made it a necessity to include playful cat-Eevee as it falls right into our collective assiette.

This Pokemon is very cute with a big, bushy tail and pointed ears–not the type seen in an aggressive fighter. As an evolution Pokemon, it has 8 different forms to choose from.


Vaporeon is a Pokemon that evolves into a Water-Type Monster when exposed to a water stone. This cat-like Pokemon resembles both cats and aquatic animals.

This feline being loved the water and has no weaknesses. The cat’s face includes a short muzzle, triangular nose, key features of this type of animal.


Jolteon is one of the many evolutions of Eevee. This evolution occurs when an Eevee evolves with a thunderstone. The original attack type for Jolteon is thunder and this cat-like Pokémon is able to absorb volts. It has large pointy ears and a light-colored mane as well as adhesive, electrified fur.

Or perhaps you want a Pokemon with first-class electric moves and quick speed. You cannot go wrong with Jolteon.


The Flareon Pokemon evolves from the Eevee use the Fire Stone. It is called the “Flame pokemon” and its specialty is creating fire. Its body temperature can reach up to 1,700 degrees F. This cat-like pokemon is a great companion for people who love being outdoors, such as camping, hiking, and exploring.

Quite the self-proclaimed “lord”, Flareon is often debated as to whether it actually is a cat or not. Nevertheless, with its feline ancestry and evolution, we happily place it in the cat-like category.

Flareon has a short muzzle, big eyes, and a black-tipped triangular nose.


The Snorlax is one of the most famous Pokemon, due to its size, sleeping, and peaceful nature. It is called “The Sleeping Pokemon” or a “Loveable Character”.

These Pokémon are useful for their big size and because of their asleep half the time. They can live in mountainous or forested regions, coming to life at dusk.


Mewtwo is a popular Pokemon with strong stats and a powerful reputation. It is said to be one of the most versatile Pokemon, ranging from being fast to having psychic powers.

Research suggests that Mewtwo’s traits are more “cat-like” than typical modes of existence for Pokemon. One example of this is Mewtwo standing on two feet, which implies a certain level of curiosity, the curiosity that can be seen when the creature seems to watch the evolutionary Pokemon evolve. With a temper that would rival that of most cats and humans, this “cat-like” Pokemon finds itself in an interesting category.


Despite how rare it is, Mew can be found in most of the re-releases of first-gen games. Scientists believe that due to its DNA containing genetic codes for all Pokemon, Mew is the ancestor of these creatures.

Mew is pink, fluffy, and psychic. It’s a cat-like creature with unique abilities who teams up with Trainers for adventures through its fine furs, triangular ears, and large eyes.


Sneasel looks like a combination of a cat and a weasel. Sneasel is the “Sharp Claw Pokemon”. It is known for being a vicious predator and frequently steals eggs from unguarded Pidgey nests. They are cunning, fast, and accurate.


When you first encounter an Entei, you should attempt to defeat it. Legendaries such as Entei usually have the highest chance of having one or two powerful moves – move it so that your opponents don’t get those strong moves and then catch it!

Entei is a fire-type pokemon that features a lion-like creature. However, Entei is more than just strength and power with its heart full of love too.

In Closing

Which cat Pokémon (animated creatures from the popular smartphone game) is right for you? Some cats are killers in battle, while others are simply too weak to be worth catching and training. Be sure to check out a cat Pokémon’s stats and moves before committing hours of time to training one to make sure that your lineup is one that wins!

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