10 interesting facts about will smith

Fact 1

Will Smith’s birth name is Willard Christopher Smith Jr. He also went by the nicknames “Fresh Prince” and “Mr. July”.

Fact 2

He is known for dropping the line “Aw, hell no!” in every film that he possibly can. It is his catchphrase 

Fact 3

Will Smith is married to Jada Pinkett Smith. He met her when she auditioned for the television show “The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air”. They are a well-respected Hollywood couple. 

Fact 4

He played the role of Captain Steven Hiller in “Independence Day”. He claims to have based the part on Harrison Ford’s portrayal of the character Han Solo.

Fact 5

As a rapper Will Smith won a Grammy Award for the popular song “Summertime”.  

Fact 6

In 1998 Will Smith was selected by People Magazine for their “50 Most Beautiful People” list.

Fact 7

In 1993 he was the host of the Presidential Inaugural Celebration for Youth. He did this for Bill Clinton.  

Fact 8

In 1999 Will Smith turned down the role of Neo in “The Matrix”. He instead took part in the film “Wild Wild West” which was a huge flop at the box office.

Fact 9

In the history of the Academy Awards Will Smith was the first “rapper” to receive a nomination.  

Fact 10

At age 13 Will Smith was already 6’ 2” tall. This is also his adult height.