10 Ways to Move More in Everyday Life

Taking the stairs instead of the elevator increases your heart rate, helps with balance, and improves lower-extremity strength

1. Take the stairs

If you work from home or have transitioned to virtual conference calls, schedule a walk during one call per day.

2. Incorporate walking meetings 

I do this a lot, and I get funny looks sometimes, but hey — I’m a busy woman, and my time is precious!

3. Lunge it up 

Swap out your office chair for a stability ball. This can help with back pain and help improve posture

4. Sit on an exercise ball 

While we need to be safe and alert to our surroundings, if you’re in a safe and well-lit area,

5. Park far away 

Yup, you’re welcome. Some older research states that sex burns calories at a rate of about 3.1 calories per minute for women and about 4.2 calories for men

6. Have more sex 

Our local shelter and other adoption agencies are always looking for volunteers to help. Take the family to the shelter and volunteer to take a few dogs for a walk.

7. Foster a pet 

Clear the furniture from the room and put on some tunes. You can do this while cooking dinner, folding laundry, or vacuuming.

8. Have a dance party 

During your next family game night, swap out cards or board games for active games.

9. Switch up your game night 

I know this goes beyond all tenets of “binge and chill,” but hear me out. Walk on the treadmill

10. Exercise or stretch during TV time