Acharya, starring Telugu superstar Chiranjeevi, is set in the fictional temple town of Dharmasthala.

The place of righteousness is fast turning into a den of vices. The mob, bankrolled by evil and greedy corporate bosses, has taken the town’s control and turned it into a lawless land.

It is like a wild west down there. The cops, the government and politicians are all in cohorts, which has resulted in rampant exploitation of honest and hard-working people.

The true believers are questioning the god’s inaction: “Where are you? Why are you being a silent spectator of all the injustices?”

So even in the present times, people in the town look up at the sky in anticipation of divine intervention when they are in trouble.

Enter, Acharya (Chiranjeevi). We first see him standing at the top of a mountain. And then he descends like a god of the local mythical stories

He’s here to do the god’s work by ending the reign of terror and restoring the town to its past glory.

Acharya is a Naxal leader and a hardcore communist. But, by the end of it all, he becomes the incarnation of the god herself in the eyes of the people.