Cat Pokemon Names List

If you’re a fan of the Cat Pokémon and love Pokémon, don’t fear. This blog stores all the information

1. Meowth 

Meowth was arguably one of the most famous cats in Pokemon. It not only looks like a cat with its big ears, big eyes, whiskers, and retractable claws,

2. Persian 

Persian. Meowth evolves into Persian, which is the “Classy Cat Pokemon”. Resembling a Siamese cat, it is sleeker and more elegant than Meowth.

3. Espeon 

Espeon, a cat Pokemon that evolves from Eevee, is known for its psychic abilities that develop when the bond with its trainer has developed.

4. Umbreon

Umbreon is an evolution of Eevee; an elegant, high-defense black cat that looks almost like a mix between a cat, fox, and rabbit.


Skitty is known as the “Kitten Pokémon”. This Kitten Pokemon is super cute, with a pink coat, pointy ears, and an open face.


Delcatty is the evolution of Skitty and is known as the ‘Prim’ Pokemon. Delcatty appears feminine with a cute lovable appearance that is both feminine and lovable.


Do you have a cat-shaped Pokemon? Take a look at Glameow. This playful, glamorous Pokemon has white-tipped ears and a white patch on its face with grey fur and four whiskers.


Purugly is a cat Pokemon that only vaguely resembles its evolution, Glameow. Purugly evolves from Glameow and the two look quite different as the Pokemon changes from a “glam” cat to an “ugly” one


Purrloin is a cunning Pokemon able to walk on two legs or on all four making it one of the few bipeds in the game.


Espurr, spelled with an e instead of u is known as the “Restraint Pokémon.” These are cats that walk around on their two hind legs and use psychic powers to attempt to look out at the world they live in

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