Her sister Bella Hadid revealed she underwent a nose job at age 14 and that she felt like the 'uglier sister' when compared to her. And on Wednesday, Gigi Hadid was spotted stepping out in New York City for an errands run 

The 26-year-old model, who recently dyed her hair platinum blonde, cut a casual in a beige jumpsuit 

The blonde's outing comes after her younger sister Bella, 25, revealed in an interview with Vogue magazine she underwent a nose job at 14 and had an inferiority complex to her older sister 

Bella also said she had undergone a nose job at the age of 14, adding, 'I wish I had kept the nose of my ancestors. I think I would have grown into it 

She said: 'For three years while I was working, I would wake up every morning hysterical, in tears, alone. I wouldn’t show anybody that. I would go to work, cry at lunch in my little greenroom, 

finish my day, go to whatever random little hotel I was in for the night, cry again, wake up in the morning, and do the same thing;' seen March 3, 2022 during PFW