Often when our hair starts breaking, people start using different types of shampoos and conditioners.  

even after changing shampoos and conditioners many times, the problem of hair breakage does not end. The biggest reason for this is the lack of nutrients in the body. 

The problem of hair loss and weakening has been seen due to lack of iron and protein in the body. 

Many times it has been seen that the problem of hair loss in women increases a lot after the delivery of the child. To overcome this problem, include healthy foods in your diet 

If your hair is falling for a long time, even after changing the shampoo oil, you are not getting any benefit, then definitely add green vegetables to your diet. 

The iron, folate and vitamins present in vegetables help to overcome the problem of hair.  

The nutrients present in green leafy vegetables help in making hair stronger by increasing the amount of sebum in the scalp. 

To make hair healthy and strong, you must include dry fruits in your daily diet. 

Nutrients like fatty acids, omega-3, vitamin E etc. are found in large quantities in dry fruits. It helps in making the hair strong. 

People use egg hair mask to make hair strong. But, to strengthen the hair from the root, along with using egg hair mask in the hair 

you should also include eggs in the diet. Eggs are rich in protein which helps in making the hair stronger from the roots. 

To make hair strong, include seafood in your diet. Let us tell you that fatty acids, vitamin D, omega-3 etc 

are found in large quantities in marine fish like salmon, hilsa etc. All these are very beneficial for hair and skin.