one of the most prominent female painters of the 19th century, Google honoured the French artist with a beautiful doodle on its homepage.

Bonheur, whose successful career is said to have inspired a “future generation of women in the arts” is known for her realist style. The celebrated artist

well known as a painter of animals (animalière), was depicted on the search engine’s homepage in a similar way.

Resonating with her style of painting, the doodle showed the artist sitting under a tree, overlooking a green pasture with a flock of sheep. Bonheur was seen painting in a natural setting.

Born on March 16, 1822, in Bordeaux, France – her early artistic education was facilitated by her father, a minor landscape painter

“Although her aspirations for a career in the arts were unconventional for women of the time, Bonheur closely followed the development of artistic traditions through years of careful

study and preparing sketches before immortalizing them on canvas,” Google blog post read.

Also a popular sculptor, her works started to gain popularity after they were exhibited at the prestigious Paris Salon from 1841 to 1853.