Toho’s Shin Godzilla will return to theatres next year

One of theme most iconic movie monsters in history, Godzilla will be heading back to the big screen sometime next year 

This isn’t the Legendary Godzilla, but rather the original character from the Toho films.  

The monster first appeared back in the 50s as Japan’s reaction to nuclear annihilation and has since been rebooted both in Hollywood and Japan.  

The 2016 Toho offering, Shin Godzilla, finally saw the king of monsters return to his roots as an existential threat and not a goofy, kong-fighting beast. 

The film explored the real-world ramifications of a creature such as Godzilla actually destroying Japan 

Shin Godzilla was directed by Hideaki Anno of Evangelion fame and was more of a think piece than an all-out monster film.