Top 6 Teas for Weight Loss

Tea probably works best for any weight loss plan when you pair it with adequate exercise and a healthy diet. For sure, drinking tea for weight loss is very subjective.

Green Tea

All weight-loss conversations begin with green tea. A study shows that people who consistently drank two cups of green tea daily delivered a lower body fat percentage

Black Tea

One of the most potent tea varieties on the market, black tea contains a good amount of flavones which makes a fantastic beverage choice for people trying to reduce weight.

White Tea

The catechins in white tea and green tea are comparable, making them ideal for weight loss. Drinking white tea extract prevents the formation of new fat cells

Oolong Tea

Oolong tea is a partially oxidised, traditional Chinese tea that is milder than black tea and bolder than green tea. It has a fruity flavour and fragrant aroma.

Hibiscus Tea

Drinking hibiscus tea supplies you with certain plant compounds that help to boost fat elimination and regulate the lipid metabolism genes.

Hibiscus Tea

Native to Chinese tea culture, Pu Erh tea inhibits your body from producing more fats. The best time to drink Pu-erh tea is one hour after a meal